Dear Mr Obama


U.S. President Obama delivers remarks at the My Brother's Keeper Summit in WashingtonJan Blommaert 

Dear Mr Obama,

Frankly, I’m disgusted by the show you put on during your final press conference as president of the United States of America. The highlights of that press conference – the “news”, let us say, worthy of circulating worldwide – were that you have decided that Russia influenced the US presidential elections and that you plan to retaliate; and that Russia and the Syrian government (“regime”, rather, as you never fail to emphasize) are to be blamed for what happens in Aleppo.

Fine. Let me start with the election issue. You and Mrs Clinton will forever be held responsible by people like me – a European citizen – for putting Donald Trump in a position where he could win the elections. Did Mr Putin assist that process a little? Well, he might have (like the US assisted Mr Yeltsin a little, back in the days). But let us…

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Taalkundig antropoloog-sociolinguist, hoogleraar Taal, Cultuur en Globalisering aan Tilburg University. Politiek publicist.

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